When an evening on the town becomes a night in prison thanks to a drunk driving arrest, it’s ideal to hire a DUI attorney whenever possible. It is only with the aid of an expert Pennsylvania drunk driving attorney that a defendant can hope to get the charges against them dropped or dropped. Act now in the event that you were arrested for DUI in Bucks County or the surrounding region.

Perhaps you were out with a lot of friends and did not understand how impaired you had been. Dependent on the outcome of these tests, you were arrested and booked at the prison. It seems like an open and shut case. Is it worth going to this trouble and cost of hiring a Bucks County DUI attorney?

Hiring a Pennsylvania drunk driving attorney is always a fantastic idea when you’re arrested. No matter how confident you are that you’re in the wrong and that the authorities are you dead to rights, you shouldn’t plead guilty without at least consulting with a lawyer. It is not unusual for a DUI defense attorney to have the ability to receive the charges against their customer reduced or dropped, especially in the instance of a first-time criminal lawyer. Even people who’ve been convicted of a DUI before might find themselves getting a lighter sentence as a result of the efforts of the Bucks County drunk driving lawyer. Thinking about the possible consequences of a guilty plea, you really can not afford to risk not defending yourself.

Penalties for Drunk Driving in Pennsylvania

Even to get a first-time drunk-driving crime the penalties are severe. The sentencing guidelines for a first offense allow for between four days and six months in jail together with penalties of up to $1,000. Additionally, your driver’s license may be suspended for anywhere from 30 days up to 10 weeks. People living in some counties might even be required to have an ignition interlock device installed. The penalties only get tougher for third, second and subsequent offenses.

Defendants that are convicted of drunk driving crimes in Pennsylvania face even more long-term consequences. Many people today lose their jobs as a result of the conviction or the loss of their driving privileges. Others might find that employers deny their application after learning of their conviction. It’s genuinely in your best interests to do everything you can to combat the DUI charges you are facing. There is absolutely no such thing as”just begging.” That guilty plea can have far-reaching consequences that you might not be aware of or might not fully comprehend.

Defenses to Pennsylvania DUI Charges

Luckily, people who have been arrested on DUI charges in Bucks County might have an chance to get the charges against them reduced or dropped if they operate with a defense attorney. Drunk driving lawyers like those at this business are exceptionally proficient at conducting an independent investigation. This means that they will discuss every detail of your arrest. They will interview you and some other witnesses along with thoroughly assessing the police report of your arrest.

Frequently, this investigation uncovers evidence that can help you get your DUI charges dropped or reduced. Perhaps the arresting officer violated your Constitutional rights, failed to administer the field sobriety tests properly or acted without probable cause. Defenses may also incorporate malfunctioning Breathalyzer equipment or severe weather conditions which might have influenced your ability to abide by the directions for sobriety tests. Even when this type of proof isn’t uncovered, your attorney can rely on a clean criminal background and solid reputation to help get the charges against you diminished. There are many chances for improving your position, but you won’t know any of them unless you contact a Bucks County DUI lawyer today.

Start Working Having a Qualified Bucks County Drunk Driving Attorney

It is important to act fast when you’re facing DUI charges in Pennsylvania. The more quickly you keep legal representation, the sooner your lawyer can begin an investigation and begin discussions with the District Attorney. Do not wait to search for an attorney before your court date. This may severely limit your attorney’s ability to acquire the best possible outcome for you, and it may just prolong this difficult, stressful experience.

Whenever you’re facing DUI charges in Bucks County, you need a capable, experienced lawyer fighting for you. The practitioners at this firm have helped dozens of individuals maintain their driver’s licenses and their professional and personal reputations. Drunk driving charges do not specify you and they do not need to shape the rest of your life. You can execute an active role in getting back control of your own life by hiring one of those experienced DUI lawyers at this firm.

That is why you need to employ a DUI defense attorney who’s effective, confident and proficient. Contact us now to start fighting for your rights and your potential. A drunk driving lawyer can help you recover your life and your reputation.



An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a benefit that is typically provided by a privately held company to benefit itself, its shareholders, and its employees. With a deferred-tax benefit to employees, it is also a highly sought after and coveted benefit that many employers use to attract new talent. ESOPs work best for a business that has an educated and diverse workforce that serves in a variety of roles. While there are different types of ESOP plans available to provide, the most common type offered is a non-leveraged ESOP. This provides the maximum benefit to nearly everyone involved by encouraging the growth of the company, incentivizing shareholders by providing liquidity if needed, and giving a tax-favored advantage to employees at no cost to them that they can use in retirement or earlier. ESOPs are regulated by the Department of Labor and collapse under the Employee Retirement and Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) for IRS tax code purposes.

Additional ESOP Benefits for Businesses and Employers

ESOP benefit offerings encourage the company contributing company to invest in its own success and provide a source of internal charge if the business happens to need liquidity. Contributions to fund the plan are constantly made in non-borrowed funds like stock or cash contributions that are tax-deductible in most cases. The company’s newly issued stocks are evaluated, and the contributing employer has some discretion in the amount that’s used to fund the contributions held in the ESOP trust. Improved cash flow and a reduced tax duty are the primary motivating factors that produce non-leveraged ESOP benefits appealing to the contributing company.

A Shareholder’s Benefit to Investing with ESOPs

An ESOP provides shareholders with the advantage of investing in a company which may otherwise not be accessible. Since ESOP shares are easily liquidated, the shareholder also benefits from having instant access to their funds instead of having to take a deferred payment agreement. Shareholders may also profit from the sale of their shares to the ESOP to reinvest elsewhere as a way to defer taxation on any gains from the sale. It’s important to remember that this only applies in certain situations and it is best to seek advice from a tax attorney or accountant prior to buying or selling with any ESOP.

The Employee’s Benefit with an ESOP

Employees perhaps benefit the most from their company offering an ESOP. With an ESOP, they get a benefit that does not cost anything and supplies a tax-deferred nest egg which may be used in retirement and even earlier in some situations. ESOP plans also allow for a beneficiary or an estate to get the proceeds of sale at the event of the employee passing away. ESOP plans benefit workers with a reasonable period of service that plan on staying employed with the company until retirement. The increase the share’s value can provide a rather lucrative retirement or safety net if the company closes prior to the employee’s expected retirement date. The employee can receive cash if the business closes early and the taxes and associated penalties could be negated when rolled over to a qualified IRA plan. This is also true when the worker leaves the company on their own or is terminated. Specifics regarding the tax treatment, distribution, and specifics of any ESOP plan should be reviewed by a qualified attorney or accountant prior to making any transactions.

ESOPs Summarized

Overall, an ESOP benefit is a great selection for businesses that wish to have choices when it comes to growth and reducing tax liabilities. Shareholders benefit from the easy liquidity, tax treatment, and opportunity that an ESOP offers to diversify their portfolio. Employees appreciate the multipurpose benefit an ESOP provides for retirement and in situations where a safeguard is useful. A qualified attorney or tax professional is able to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of ESOP plans and should be consulted with before investing in any ESOP or other financial product involving risks.